Worklife in Hawaii – Is a Worklife the Balance?

Worklife is all about balance. What is worklife? Worklife describes the number of hours you spend performing your daily task along with other activities. Work-life harmony is where an individual equally shares the needs of ones daily life and the needs of one s professional life. Worklife in Hawaii consists of a very large number of individuals who are into the social networking scene and share their experience by giving their opinions on blogs, forums, newsletters and other public platforms.


Some believe that happiness is having a job or earning money while others define quality of work-life as a balanced set of experiences and connections which includes a travel experience and the satisfaction derived from being able to meet new people and do work that gives meaning to your life. In Hawaii, a work-life balance has been attained by the people who live here. A lot of businesses now run by corporations that have their headquarters on the island, so they have several employees in a workplace that enables them to interact and connect on a much more personal level than they could if the employee worked elsewhere. One example of a business that runs on the island is Harley Davidson, which has its headquarters on Oahu.

Worklife is a balance between career, family, social network and leisure time. To achieve this balance, a work-life balance has been set up by the office workers on this beautiful paradise. The employees enjoy their work, but they also look forward to connecting with other colleagues. Worklife in Hawaii is said to be a fine balance between work and play as you get to connect to different things while working from one place.